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From Dream to Done, Effortlessly : Clients Share Their (Smooth) Development Journeys



Stats That Demand Attention: Why Businesses Needs a Chatbot Right Now.

Quick service


80% of consumers prefer using chatbots for quick and easy customer service. (Drift, 2023)



69% of consumers were satisfied with their last chatbot interaction. (Tidio, 2023)



Chatbots can qualify leads 24/7, increasing conversion rates by 35%. (HubSpot, 2023)



55% of companies using chatbots report increased lead generation. (Tidio, 2023)



Chatbot interactions provide valuable data on customer preferences and behavior.


How can Unicorn Developer expertise elevate your projects?

Empower your projects by collaborating with our top-tier talent from unicorn companies. At, we've curated a community of exceptional chatbot developers, each bringing invaluable experience from the realms of unicorn companies. Now, it's your turn to work with the best, without the hassle of full-time commitments. Seize the opportunity to infuse your projects with the expertise that once fueled unicorn success stories. Your journey to outstanding results begins here.



Projects finished.


hours of focused coding experience.


years of exclusive chatbot development experience


Why business love working with us?


Cash in on Cost Savings

Forget the hefty price tag of a full-time employee. You'll slash expenses on salary, taxes, benefits, and office space – leaving more Benjamins for your business to jingle with.


Time is Money, and we Save You Both

Ditch the endless recruitment cycle and months of training. We hit the ground running, delivering results faster than you can say "website launch."


Ditch the Delay Drama

Say goodbye to project slowdowns due to vacations. We are here, rain or shine, code or cocktail, delivering results without the wait.


AI-Powered Innovations, Lean and Swift

Unlock the potential of AI without the hefty costs. With expertise in AI, ML, and NLP, we bring innovations at lightning speed. 

Remember, we are more than just freelancers; we are an investment in your success. Hire us, and watch your projects—and your bottom line—soar!


Experience, Trust, and Transparency for Your Conversational Success


Uncompromising Quality

Elevate your chatbot experience with our seasoned developers, enriched by experiences from working in India's Unicorn companies. Expect nothing less than top-tier quality work tailored to your unique needs.


No Miscommunication, Pure Collaboration

Communication breakdowns are a thing of the past. Unlike others, we keep you in the loop, providing regular updates on the progress. No black boxes, just transparent and consistent communication.


Trust and Independence

You can trust on our ability to work independently, get yourself free from the hassle of micro managing because the developer is not compatible. But here you are fully in control.


Security First, Always

In today's remote world, security is paramount. We're well-versed in safeguarding our work and your data, successfully doing so every time. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Transparency Reigns, No Hidden Costs

Hidden fees are the enemy of trust. We work with complete transparency, especially when it comes to finances. You'll always know exactly what you're paying for, with no surprise charges lurking in the shadows.


Scope Clarity,
Budget Control

Unclear project scope? Not with us! We define expectations upfront and stick to them. You won't face unexpected expansions or budget overruns. Your chatbot will be delivered within the agreed timeframe and cost, guaranteed.


Limited Slots

Just One More Ambitious Project!

We believe in quality over quantity, pouring our hearts and minds into only two client projects at a time. Right now, one visionary founder is already experiencing the magic of our collaborative development process. That leaves just one final slot for another ambitious tech dream to take flight.

5 STAR RATING on previous 20+ projects.


Your Project, Our Priority: 3 Steps to Success



Share your vision, no matter how big or bold. We'll refine it, ensuring every detail aligns with your goals.



Watch as your ideas come to life. We'll code, design, and optimize, keeping you in the loop.



On time, on budget. Your project, now a reality. Let's turn your vision into a success story! 🚀✨

You think it. We develop it.

Unleash the power of AI: Chatbot solutions for any industry, any goal.


Conversational AI Development

Build chatbots that can hold natural, engaging conversations with users, using NLP and machine learning. This is highly sought-after across industries like customer service, e-commerce, healthcare, and education.


Omnichannel Chatbot Integration

Integrate your chatbots with various platforms like websites, messaging apps, social media, and internal systems for seamless user experience. This is crucial for businesses looking to reach customers on multiple touchpoints.


Custom Chatbot Development

Tailor-made chatbots for specific needs and industries. This caters to businesses with unique requirements and complex workflows.


Chatbot Analytics and Reporting

Provide insights into chatbot performance, user interactions, and areas for improvement. This is essential for optimizing chatbot effectiveness and measuring ROI.


Chatbot Maintenance and Support

Offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your chatbots are always functioning smoothly and up-to-date.


Other In-Demand Services

Voice-activated chatbots, craft engaging scripts, create and label NLP training data, provide security and privacy consulting, and design user-friendly interfaces for an enhanced user experience

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Limited Seats, Unlimited Satisfaction: Want Yours?

Exclusive focus, extraordinary results. We limit our client roster to two at a time, ensuring unparalleled attention and commitment. Imagine your dedicated team of developers, working tirelessly to achieve your goals. Discover the difference. Contact us today.


You're protected by Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee 


Unlock satisfaction: Our chatbot solutions come with a Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Not happy? We're on it, providing free services for 30 days until you're delighted. Your success, our commitment.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you still have any questions or queries?
Please feel free to ask our team of experts here.


What's the cost for creating a chatbot?

Chatbot development costs vary depending on your project's unique needs. Basic rule-based bots begin at $99, while advanced AI-powered bots may start from $299 and go up. However, don't let affordability hinder your vision! We offer flexible pricing options and tailor solutions to your budget. Let's chat and build the perfect chatbot together! Book a free consultation today.

Some factors that can influence the cost of a chatbot include:

Complexity of the bot's functionality and design
Integration with multiple platforms and third-party systems
Advanced features such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML)
Analytics and reporting capabilities

Can we interview the developer?

Of course, you can interview us! We're always happy to collaborate with potential clients and ensure we're a good fit before moving forward. Our approach is flexible, and we're open to tailoring our services to your specific needs and budget. Let's chat and see how we can bring your chatbot vision to life! Feel free to demand a demo during the interview – it's a totally no-obligation discussion. Be worry-free – the developer you interview will craft your chatbot. Our team includes developers from unicorn companies like CarDekho etc. To schedule an interview, please click here  and specify your interview theme.

What industries do you have experience working with?

Regardless of the industry, what matters most is understanding the specific needs and pain points of each client. My experience across various industries has honed my problem-solving skills and ability to develop chatbots that deliver tangible results. In previous projects, I've helped ecommerce clients improve customer service, increase engagement, automate tasks using WhatsApp Chatbot. I'm confident I can leverage my experience to create a successful chatbot for your specific industry..... 

Which technologies and programming languages are within your expertise?

In the world of creating chatbots, we use various advanced tools. Here's a closer look:


Node.js: This helps us build chatbots that work fast and handle many things at the same time. <br/>React: With React, we make chatbots that look great and are easy to use.

Vue: Vue is another tool we use to create chatbots that are interactive and responsive.

Native: We use Native to build chatbots that feel like they belong to your device, giving a smooth experience.

Flutter: Flutter is handy for creating chatbots that work on different devices with just one set of code.


Java: We use Java for the backbone of our chatbots, making them strong and able to handle lots of users.

Python: Python helps us add smart features to our chatbots, making them understand and respond in a natural way.

Node.js: Node.js comes into play for the server-side part of our chatbots, ensuring they run smoothly.

With these tools and languages, we create customized chatbots that meet the needs of our clients, making sure they're efficient, smart, and user-friendly.

What if you prefer another technology or system? No problem at all! We can assist you in completing your project by teaming up with experts in that field. Once approved by us, consider your project as good as done.

What if the chatbot disappoints?

While I'm confident in my ability to deliver a chatbot that meets your expectations, I understand your concern. To ensure complete satisfaction, I offer several safeguards:

Clear Scope and Milestones: We'll define expectations and progress checkpoints upfront, allowing for ongoing feedback and adjustments.

Unlimited Revisions: During development, you can request revisions to refine the chatbot's functionality and behavior until you're satisfied.

Post-Launch Support: I provide ongoing support and maintenance to address any post-launch concerns and ensure the chatbot performs optimally. Normally, we assist for 7 days after launch, but during special offers, it can be up to 4 weeks. Want more help? You can always buy extra support days too.

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